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Get Your Mentorship Together

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Our Mission

Establish a supportive and helpful relationship between Mentees and Mentors so that they are able to move up in their career, skill level, or academic performance. Helping break down barriers and create opportunities for success, the program allows mentees and mentors to explore professional interests, establish long-term connections, enhance leadership skills, and more.


Program Structure

  • One-on-one Mentoring: A mentor and mentee are matched based on their goals and interests

  • Mandatory attendance to main events (with the exception of 1 excused absences)

  • Mentors and Mentees are required to communicate at least twice a month.


Fall Semester - Commitment of 3 months

Spring Semester - Commitment of 3 months

Why get Involved?

Being in the mentorship program made me take a conscious effort to reflect on the choices I’ve made, why I made them, and the results of those actions, so that I can provide better advice. I’ve learned a lot from my mentee and I think that the transfer of knowledge is fluid and reciprocal.


 - Nadir Mian            Mentor, 2019



  • Accomplish your personal and professional goals

  • Strengthen your leadership skills 

  • Possess new opportunities                                   

  • Improve your network

  • Reach new heights                         

  • Establish valuable connections & friendships                    

  • !!! Have an AMAzing time !!!   


Become A Mentor

A great way to gain a different perspective while supporting an emerging professional in developing their full potential!



I absolutely loved having a mentor through AMA! The help and support that I’ve gained was and still is amazing! I love my mentor! I love having someone who is career-oriented to talk to and get support and advice from. Being a part of this program is one of my favorite things I’ve done in college.



   - Jude Abboud            Mentee, 2019



Become a Mentee

Gain a priceless opportunity by having a mentor guide you through your journey!

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