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October Highlights

AMA at UIC Presents Our October Event Recap!

Another day, another dollar, another month gone by with AMAzing AMA sponsored events!

Some photos, participants, and e-board members from some of our October events.

What happened in October?

October was a spooky month full of fall activities and AMA events. If you weren't there, where were you? We started the month off strong with our 15th Annual Regional Conference that included activities such as career fair, competitions, and keynote speakers - a great opportunity to network with the regional AMA ecosystem. We followed this with a multi-organization volunteering collaboration with Be The Match that allowed us to collect many samples for potential biological matches that could save lives! Who doesn't like being a hero? That same week UIC got to host their very first Chicago Startup Week sponsored by AMA, UWN, and Alpha Kappa Psi. Another great fortuity for networking with the guest panel speakers, all of which are successful Chicago-raised serial entrepreneurs that spilled many of their secrets to success - secrets you only gain access to by attending our events.

The month of October being big on organization collaboration, we held an information session on the Qualtrics company with BSIB (Black Students In Business). If you were looking for professional development programs and summer internships, this would have been the perfect chance for you to get your foot in the door with this company. Don't fret, AMA has your back and will make sure to provide our members with more of these opportunities. Our latest event in October manifested itself in the form of a fun Fall Festival social for our members! Although we love giving our community all the resources for professional events, we believe if you work hard you should be able to play hard and that is what these socials are all about. We got to play games and trivia with each other while making new friends and learning more about each other. We realize UIC is 80% commuters which makes it more difficult to make friends and that is what we use as motivation when hosting these socials.

How can I get involved in November's events?

As the semester is beginning to wind down, we want to end it with some memorable activities and events. We are planning to have some fun fundraising activities open to our general members to join. In honor of November's thankful spirits, we are looking into having a potluck for all of us to get together, eat some delicious food, and be thankful for everything that comes our way! Lastly, we are beginning the process for preparing for our annual national conference which is the biggest opportunity every year for scholarships, networking, and much more! You definitely will not want to miss out on this. To stay up-to-date with these developments make sure to frequently check our website home page, events page, and our member group chat on GroupMe. These will be our main forms of communications between the e-board and our general members. Let's finish 2022 strong!

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