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Loyalty Program

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Our Loyalty Program serves to reward our members' commitment to building their professional and personal networks through the benefits of our organization!

How it works:

  • Attendance for Zoom Meetings will be taken through attendance form sent out towards the latter half of the meeting where member will provide full name and UIC email

  • Points will be tracked via chapter member accounts on the AMA website. 

  • Points will be updated monthly throughout the semester.

  • Point totals will restart at the beginning of Fall and Spring semester

  • Member ranking on the website chapter member page will be updated halfway through the semester, so the most active members will be displayed at the top of the list.

  • Members will be emailed their finalized point total report at the end of the semester which will include an official certificate of their member tier status and badge.


  • Members who participate are more likely to optimize the resources provided by AMA-UIC.

  • This will lead to AMAUIC members further driving professional growth.

  • Recognition in organization can be used for experience for future employers, faculty members, and professionals how strong of an asset you are in a team-driven environment.

  • Active members will have physical proof of involvement for future employers

  • Regular participation in organization will increase members' chance of securing connections with with companies that are invited to come speak.


  • This is solely about recognizing members for going above and beyond.

  • Any issues members have with their point totals must be brought to the attention of the E-Board no later than a week after monthly point updates.

Point System

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