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Join Our AMA-UIC Family! 

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How to Join

*Only Undergraduate Students can join our AMA-UIC Chapter.

However, ALL students are eligible for AMA National (see below for more info)

Step 1:

Chapter Dues

Chapter Dues are $20 per semester and go towards the AMA-UIC Chapter organization for networking events, conferences, competitions, & more!

What you get with as a AMA-UIC Member:

  • All AMA-UIC networking events, guest speaker events, workshops, volunteer activities, & socials

  • Access to all 3 programs that AMA-UIC offers: Mentorship, Apprenticeship program & five94' Agency

  • Group certifications which include: Google Analytics, Linkedin Learning, Google Ads, & more

  • Any chapter-held conference that is held by our chapters or other AMA chapters nationwide

Step 2:

Create an AMA member account

Create a member account to be able to collect loyalty points & view important information, power points, contacts from our events/speakers!

Step 3:

Attend our meetings & Events! 

We are bringing in-person events back with a hybrid schedule! In order to receive the Zoom link for the virtual meetings, please scan the QR code and join our GroupMe chat below.

*Any non-AMA members will be kicked out of the chat

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AMA National 

AMA National is a marketing organization that is open to the entire nationwide public. AMA National provides multiple benefits to its' community which includes, certifications, numerous networking opportunities, job openings, resources and more.

AMA National has over 300+ chapter organizations that participate, which includes our chapter, AMA-UIC. Members of any chapter organization can join AMA National at anytime, however, during the school year, they host a national conference that every chapter can participate in. 

AMA-UIC Chapter members have the option to get an AMA National membership which will provide them with even more benefits & opportunities, as well as, give access to attend the International Collegiate Conference and compete on behalf of their chapter organization. 

ANY student, undergrad or grad, are eligible to join AMA National. This is NOT a requirement for AMA-UIC Chapter members.

For more information, visit their website,

AMA National Membership Fee


per year

What is included: 

  • Networking and connections

  • Professional Webinars

  • Professional Certifications

  • Pre Qualifier for marketing jobs

  • Attendance of conferences & participation in comeptitions

  • Discount on conferences + part of the national trip of covered

  • Access to seminars

  • Scholarship opportunities


  • Do I need to pay both AMA-UIC Chapter & AMA National fee?

    • If you would like to be an AMA-UIC Chapter member, only the chapter fee is required. But, if you would like to attend the national conference & participate in other competitions, then you need to be a AMA National member. 

  • Do you need to be a business major to join AMA-UIC?

    • No, we welcome ALL & ANY major to join!

  • Do we learn only about marketing-related topics?

    • Although we are a marketing association, we introduce many topics & teach skills that are essential for ANY professional or student to learn. In the past, we have introduced topics such as consulting, technology, entrepreneurship & more!

  • Where can I get the Zoom links for the meetings?

    • All Zoom links will be available in our GroupMe chat which you can enter in above!

  • What is the International Collegiate Conference? 

    • The International Collegiate Conference (AMA ICC) is a conference that is held by AMA National where ALL AMA Chapters come together to compete in competitions, network with plenty of companies and speakers, attend workshops and receive scholarship opportunities. 

  • Where can I get in touch with the executive board?

    • You can contact us via email at or attend one of our meetings for any questions you may have!

Have More Questions?

Contact Us! 


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