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AMAzing Member of the Month for September 2019: Alejandro Llamas Jr.

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Alejandro Llamas Jr.

Our AMAzing member of the month for September, 2019 is Alejandro Llamas Jr. Alejandro has been a proud member of AMA-UIC since fall of 2019.

Learn more about Alejandro below:

About Alejandro

Alejandro Llamas Jr, I am a 23 year old native of Chicago, IL. I am a junior majoring in Marketing with a focus in promotions and advertising. A transfer student that committed to UIC this 2019 fall semester from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. A fanatic of all sports, but soccer is at the top of the list. I enjoy anything active, all foods, and hope to one day work in the sports industry. I am an advocate for mental health, for all ages.

Alejandro's Interest in AMA

AMA caught my attention from the first meeting I attended. The second I stepped into the room, I could sense a positive aura. The only thing stronger then that was the passion everyone in the room had. The passion of growing professionally along with peers that have the same ambition and determination. What I like the most about being a part of AMA is its mission. It mission to help every member gain insights into marketing and develop, while it still being fun.

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