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September Events Recap

September Events Recap at AMA-UIC

September was full of fun experiences as well as professional development events which is what we strive to give to our community! Here at AMA-UIC we make a strong effort to make sure our members get to know each other for their duration at UIC and potential lifelong relationships. Professionally, we go all out to provide meaningful and memorable organized events that will aid in developing skills, relationships, and more. Here are some highlights from our Fall 2022 semester so far.

What Have We Done?

Shown above are some photos of those who participated in these events we have held. AMA has organized a variety of activities this semester so far. Before opening up to general members, the new 2022-2023 executive board had an e-board social to create some chemistry and begin planning for the upcoming year. From there, we erected a table at the involvement fair to spread the word about AMA and recruit our lovely members. This was our first time we got to meet many of our new members and put a face to a name. Since then, we have brought together our general members for a fun get-to-know each other social where we did some icebreakers, played some games, and had some delicious FREE food. We have began rolling out our events that we collaborated with other organizations such as UIC's very first Chicago Startup Week (CSW).

What's Next?

We have only just began with this year's events and we have so many more fun and professional activities lined up for our beloved community. Some upcoming events include our Fall Fest Social, Qualtrics event, and our apprenticeship opportunities! Make sure to stay updated on our latest events by becoming a member, checking the website frequently, and staying connected with our community!

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