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AMA November Recap

What happened this past month? Let's take a look!

What Did We Do?

November tends to be a busy month for our UIC community and universities around the nation as the fall semester wraps up and students prepare for finals week. We know our community won't have quite as much time as they have important things on their mind, so we decided to not overwhelm them with more events. Our first event of November came in the form of an Alumni Panel from UIC. This was a great event as they instantly have a connection with each other since everyone attends/attended UIC. This was a great networking opportunity. As the stress builds this month, we decided to have a fun social event for our members to decompress. Special thanks to our E-Board Treasurer, Michael King and his family, for hosting a "friendsgiving" potluck filled with food, games, and laughs -- what a way to enter Thanksgiving break! Finally, we held a workshop with a Google executive, Zuri Godfrey! Zuri has helped AMA members in the past with these workshops that are very valuable not only for knowledge and skills, but for connecting with someone in a powerful company. Mr. Godfrey offered many insights on resume building, interview skills, LinkedIn profiles, and relationship building.

What Does Our Future Look Like?

We are all wrapped up for the semester in terms of general member events. We are preparing and planning events for spring semester, so make sure to stay tuned for that! Our main focus for the spring semester is our annual national conference that hold competitions for the chance to win scholarships and more. Stay in touch!

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