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AMAzing Member of the Month for March 2020

Our AMAzing member of the month for March 2020 is Daniel Tomback. Daniel is quite a dedicated member, attending every meeting, participating in many of our networking events, and even competing in the Pitch Perfect event at the 2020 AMA International Collegiate Conference!

Learn more about Daniel:

About Daniel

"I am a Marketing and Management double major at UIC and am involved in the American Marketing Association, the Management Leadership Association, and the Business Student Advisory Board. I have been involved with sales and marketing for the past 8+ years working both for myself and for private companies. During high school I was heavily involved in private sales and flea market sales. From there I went on to create my own small company focusing on freelancing in the northern suburbs of Illinois. Freelancing led me to an entrepreneur who helped get me involved in wholesale sales and drop-shipping. These experiences helped drive my passion for sales and business development. As the Co-Vice President of the Business Student Advisory Board, I plan on connecting UIC and its students to businesses in the Chicagoland area. I also hope to join the AMA sponsorship committee and connect businesses with AMA to provide future support and teachings to AMA students. My dream is to become a director in sales or in business development preferably in an industry that focuses on helping people live full and happy lives. When I have free time, I often find myself learning about and building computers. "

Daniel's Interest in AMA

"I was initially attracted to AMA through their presentations given at the start of the semester. Intrigued by company visits and guest speakers, I joined and was hooked from the first meeting. AMA opened me up to a wide network of incredible individuals who have helped me learn about many aspects of the marketing world. AMA also introduced me to the AMA International Collegiate conference where I participated in the Sales competition and the perfect pitch competition which I was able to join last second. This gave me real-world experience in sales and in speaking. Being 1 of 30 students selected out of 130 students to go on to the finals for the perfect pitch was truly an honor and I am grateful for the support and dedication that AMA has towards seeing me and all other members succeed. Although I have only been apart of AMA for 4 months, I have gained incredible amounts of experience and look forward to every future meeting."

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