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AMAzing Member of the Month for November 2020

Our AMAzing Member of the Month for November 2020 goes out to Purvish Patel!!

In his time at AMA, Purvish has shown incredible dedication and interest in his roles at our organization. As a active member and mentor at our Five94' marketing agency, he is actively engaged in his work with AMA. We are proud to welcome him as the AMAzing member of the month of November and look forward to seeing him at our meetings. Purvish says that "Being a mentor has helped me understand how to help others out and teach others out with all the experience I gained so far (Purvish, 2020)". Since the beginning of his involvement, we have noticed Purvish's immaculate attendance and curiosity. He is routinely asking questions, and interacting with our guest speakers during events as well as being a great influence on the positive atmosphere of our meetings. "I work at my best with a positive attitude. I love exploring and learning new things, especially by joining AMA I have gained so much knowledge from different speakers and activities (Purvish, 2020)"

We sincerely thank Purvish for being a positive influence on our organization, and welcome him into the AMAzing member of the month club for November!

Check him out on Linkedin!

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