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UWW Conference: AMA WINS 3RD PLACE!!

Last week, a few of our members attended the AMA UWW Virtual Conference and competed in competitions such as mock interview, marketing design and digital marketing strategy. We thank everyone that attended and thank the ones who competed on behalf of AMA-UIC!

Our Marketing Design Team that competed in the Sherwin William Marketing Design competition took 3rd place among 35 other teams! Congrats to Karla Ramirez, Purvish Patel, and Iwona Goscinski!

In addition to winning 3rd place in the competition, we attended keynote speakers including Lisa Nucci - Senior Director for the Chicago Bulls, Heidi Gahm - Chicago Bulls Marketing Director, and Andy Dahl - The new normal State of Digital Marketing. I, (Alex Stezowski), especially enjoyed hearing Lisa Nucci, as she highlighted her experience trying to manage a changing corporate culture as she transitioned into a COVID-19 World.

If you were not able to make it to this conference, you still have a chance to participate in many other AMA Chapter conference that we will be attending!

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